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Hiking on Lake Garda: the 5 best trails


Are you looking for a one-day or multi-day outdoor adventure that takes you to explore magnificent landscapes while hiking on Lake Garda? If the answer is yes, you're in the right place. In this article, we will guide you through the 5 best hikes on Lake Garda, offering you the necessary information to plan a safe excursion. Let's discover breathtaking trails and spectacular views along the shores of this magnificent lake.  

Suspension Bridge of Torri del Benaco

  Ponte Tibetano Let's start our hiking journey on Lake Garda with one of the most thrilling attractions in Torri del Benaco: the Suspension Bridge. This suspended walkway, inaugurated in 2019, offers a unique experience, allowing you to cross the Val Vanzana 45 meters above the ground. With its 34 meters in length, the Suspension Bridge is a must-visit if you are spending a holiday with your family in the area. You can easily reach it from the locality of Pai by following the Cai path No. 38. However, it is suggested to take a day and complete the longer itinerary to fully enjoy the surrounding environment: start from Crero and take the loop route which lasts about 3 to 4 hours, with an elevation gain of about 600 meters.  

Busatte Tempesta Trail on Lake Garda

  Busatte Tempesta on Lake Garda Are you looking for a hike on Lake Garda with breathtaking views? Then don't miss the Busatte Tempesta Trail. This scenic hike winds near the border between Trentino Garda and Verona Garda, offering you the chance to admire spectacular views of the Alto Garda mountains and the lake. Along the way, you will find sheer sections and iron stairways that will take you over the rocky ridges along the path. With a length of about 4 km, the Busatte Tempesta Trail is suitable for hikers of all levels.  

Ponale Trail 

  PPonale Trail on Lake Garda The Ponale Trail is an authentic gem of Lake Garda, a panoramic route carved into the rock that offers spectacular views of the lake below. This ancient road – once the only connection between Riva del Garda and the Ledro Valley – is now a popular route for hikers and cyclists. Starting from Riva del Garda, follow the lake past the hydroelectric plant, and after about a kilometer, continue towards Ledro following the D01 signpost. Here you are: you are on the dirt path overhanging the lake. All that's left is to proceed, passing through the small tunnels carved into the rock, and enjoy your walk a few dozen meters above the blue waters of Lake Garda. With a length of about 10 kilometers and a total elevation gain of 665 meters, the Ponale Trail is suitable for children and families and is also ideal for off-season excursions.  

Monte Moscal, hiking Lake Garda

  Monte Moscal A not too demanding but still rewarding hike near Lake Garda is the one to Monte Moscal. This route offers spectacular views of the lake and along the Valsorda and is perfect for those who want a scenic walk without too much effort. Start from Bardolino near the roundabout between Via Molini, Via Formica, and Via Murano, and follow the course of the stream. After crossing the Valsorda, you will reach the village of Incaffi. At the crossroads located in the center of the village, turn left towards Monte Moscal and reach the 427 meters of its summit: the view from here includes Lake Garda, Monte Baldo, and the Lessini Mountains. Since the signage along the route leaves something to be desired, it is advisable to download an outdoor app to follow the trail. With a duration of about 3 hours and an elevation gain of 350 meters, this hike is suitable for hikers of all levels and offers an excellent opportunity to immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the area around Bardolino.  

Baldo Traverse in 3 Days

  Hiking Lake Garda Monte Baldo If you are still reading, perhaps you are looking for something more challenging. Here it is as promised: the Baldo Traverse in 3 days. This route crosses Monte Baldo, offering you superb views of the lake and unique encounters with the wild nature of the Natural Park. Divided into three stages, the route takes you from Caprino Veronese to Torbole, crossing breathtaking landscapes and exposed sections along the ridge of the mountain. The shelters where to sleep along the way are the Rifugio Telegrafo and the Rifugio Altissimo: it is advisable to call in advance to check availability for overnight stays. With a total length of 42.6 km and a total elevation gain of 3625 meters this adventure requires good physical preparation and previous mountain experience. Additionally, don't forget to bring several liters of water: apart from the shelters, there are no water sources along the route. After such a demanding itinerary, some well-deserved rest is a must. You have many options but, especially in summer, the suggestion is to stay at the ultimate facility: the campsite. So, let's discover the best accommodation options for hiking enthusiasts.  

Where to Stay on Lake Garda

  We have seen the best hikes on Lake Garda, but where to stay? As mentioned earlier, one of the best options during the beautiful season is definitely camping. Indeed, the possibility of choosing between tents, bungalows, or other solutions suitable for your needs allows you to organize your excursions without constraints but with all the comforts just a stone's throw from the lake. For example, the mobile homes of Del Garda Village offer the ideal solution to enjoy the services of a hospitality structure without giving up the freedom to enjoy your trip independently, just like in a holiday home. Well, now that we have seen the 5 best hikes on Lake Garda, all that's left is to prepare your hiking boots, download an outdoor app, and get ready for an unforgettable adventure along the shores of this magnificent lake. We look forward to seeing you at our campsite to start your adventure!