Mobile Homes on Lake Garda: here are the benefits


Do you enjoy camping at Lake Garda, but wish for a more comfortable accommodation than a tent? In that case, we have the perfect solution for you: mobile homes. These accommodations are the ideal choice if you want to spend a vacation by the lake with the whole family, worry-free, and with all the comforts of a real home. Let's discover the advantages of staying in mobile homes on Lake Garda.

What is a Mobile Home

Mobile homes are an increasingly popular type of accommodation. These modern prefabricated homes offer a practical and affordable solution for family holidays or vacations with friends.   They are designed with attention to detail, providing well-organized living spaces equipped with all the necessary conveniences for a comfortable stay. With a variety of sizes and designs available, mobile homes can comfortably accommodate groups of various sizes, ensuring suitable accommodations for every guest.   Thus, these dwellings are the perfect alternative to more traditional tents and bungalows for those who want to experience the camping atmosphere in a cozy setting.

The Benefits of Mobile Homes on Lake Garda

Vacationing on Lake Garda in a mobile home has many advantages. These dwellings indeed represent a cozy oasis of comfort and tranquility for those wishing to enjoy a nature-filled vacation without sacrificing home comforts.   Let's explore all the advantages of a mobile home on Lake Garda.  

Comfort and Convenience
Mobile homes in campsites on Lake Garda offer home comforts, including a fully equipped kitchen, private bathroom, sleeping area, and living space. This arrangement ensures a comfortable stay for the whole family.

A vacation in autonomy, but with all services
Especially if traveling with family, staying in a mobile home is a great idea, as it allows you to access all the amenities of a hospitality facility. Unlike a hotel, however, these accommodations also give you the freedom to enjoy a vacation on your own terms, just like in a holiday home.  

Proximity to the Lake
Choosing to stay in a campsite with mobile homes on Lake Garda allows you to engage in water sports such as swimming, rowing, fishing, and windsurfing just steps from your accommodation. You can fully enjoy outdoor activities during your vacation with the family.

Mobile Homes in Peschiera del Garda

  Mobile home Peschiera del Garda One of the most enchanting places on Lake Garda is Peschiera: the beauty of its historic center, the excellent level of hospitality facilities, and its proximity to the lake make it a unique jewel in its own right.   As we have seen, camping in a mobile home is the ideal solution for those who want to enjoy the shores of Lake Garda, and Peschiera is no exception.   If you are looking for mobile homes in Peschiera del Garda to spend a vacation on the lake with the whole family, here are some that you can find at Del Garda Village.  

Mobile Home Orchidea XL

  This mobile home can accommodate up to 6 adults and 2 children, allowing even larger families to enjoy their own space. The colorful exteriors, the fine interior finishes, and the spacious and bright spaces of the Mobile Home Orchidea make you really feel at home.  

Mobile Home Clivia Plus

  Three bedrooms and two bathrooms with a large shower offer a luxury experience, just steps from the lake. Why is it called Plus? Because it offers many extras: from satellite TVs to very spacious wardrobes.  

Mobile Home Dalia

  Thanks to the insulated structure and spaces designed to ensure ideal comfort, it is the mobile home designed for your vacation with children. The best choice for families looking for an equipped and functional accommodation.  

Villa Camelia

  Want to live an experience comparable to that of a luxury hotel, but with the freedom of camping? Villa Camelia is for you: a mobile home with elegant lines, an extra-large shower, an outdoor patio, and a super-equipped kitchen.   As we have seen, the benefits of a vacation in a mobile home are indeed numerous. Whether you are looking for a mobile home in Peschiera del Garda or another location on the lake, this type of accommodation offers a unique experience. Now all that's left is to enjoy all the activities you can do on Lake Garda, in your comfortable accommodation near the lake.